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  • The Trauma Recovery Journey

    According to many world wisdom traditions, the hero’s journey is the common template of stories that involve a hero who goes on a journey, is victorious during or after a well-defined crisis, and comes home changed and transformed.

    In our experience, the term hero’s journey is the perfect metaphor because it defines the process of therapy and highlights the courageous people who set out towards transformation. In fact, if you are reading these words, you are already at the beginning of your journey. We congratulate you for the courage you have to set out on this journey in search of change. You are a hero in your own healing, and we look forward to meeting you. In fact, we are honored to be allowed to accompany you on your trauma recovery journey.

    What you can expect as we begin this adventure of healing, is that we will co-create a treatment plan that acts as our map for the journey. You will receive loads of education about trauma, the nervous system, and the evidence-based and holistic healing modalities available to you. Additionally, you and your provider will get clear about what you truly want out of therapy and will plan for ensuring you get it.

    The professionals at Somatic Solutions Counseling are very deliberate about how we use therapeutic time together in each session. You will be asked to approach each session with a focus and to track your progress to ensure you are getting what you want and need. If you and your provider find that you are not progressing, your provider will help you re-adjust the plan, access additional resources, or build a relationship with additional allopathic or holistic treatment providers.