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  • We Have A New Home!!

    We are part of The Body-Based Mindfulness Center. 

    Our new address is 1414 N Nevada Ave 

    Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    With the growing need for mental health services, we have made it our aim to ensure that all clients have immediate access to quality assessment and ongoing mental health services. 

    Our partnership with The Body-Based Mindfulness Center allows us to ensure that clients have access to services right away and that those services address healing at the level of body, mind, and spirit. 

    You now have access to: 

    – One-to-One Peer Recovery Coaching

    – Group Support 

    -Trauma-Informed Massage

    – Exercise Conditioning and Self-Defense

    – Sound Healing, ThetaMedtiation, and Breathwork. 

    Visit the Body-Based Mindfulness Center

     website at

     or contact or Recovery Care Coordinator below