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  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

    In our personal and professional experience, we have come to believe that Internal Family Systems (or IFS) therapy is more than a type of therapeutic intervention. We view IFS as a transformative type healing….an empowering perspective…a spiritual practice….and a way of life.

    Most of our counselors use IFS therapy with clients because it is particularly useful for those who have experienced unresolved trauma. IFS is inherently somatic in its approach and is one of the most compassionate, thorough, and effective techniques we have come across.

    IFS is often referred to as parts work therapy. Parts-therapists work from a foundational belief that we all have a core SELF that is the healing essence of our system. We also have a variety of parts that arise from our subconscious. These parts are often wounded, defensive, protective and unwilling to allow true healing to occur. Many of our parts are often in conflict with one another; which can lead to an inability to make progress in therapy or in life.

    This conflict between parts is viewed as one reason people experience physical, mental, emotional, and other related issues. IFS therapy aims to heal wounded parts, foster an increasing capacity to experience SELF-energy, and restore mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.