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  • Somatic Counseling

    What is Somatic Counseling?

    Somatic counseling is a method of holistic therapy that moves beyond talking and reflective listening. It is a simple method of improving awareness of bodily states and increasing one’s capacity to skillfully bring regulation back to the nervous system.

    What to expect

    Sessions are generally 50 to 60 minutes long.

    You will most often sit across from your somatic therapist during a session. You will be given information about your nervous system so that you understand the somatic healing process and how to get the most out of a session.

    Depending on what arises in the moment, your somatic therapist may guide you to use the breath, repeat a hand or body gestures, apply self-regulatory touch, encourage you to use tapping or energy psychology, or perhaps try something new and see how it feels in your body. We will also address thought distortions and emotional regulation skills, use various visualization methods, and work in depth with inner dialogue techniques.

    The primary focus of somatic counseling rests in a person’s ability to mindfully recognize the cues of their own body through learning to track the felt-sense. The ability to track the felt-sense increases one’s ability to regulate the nervous system and shift bodily states; thus returning to a natural state of balance.


    Clients often report that they feel peaceful, relaxed, at ease, revitalized and restored. One client said, “This is the thing that has been missing in all my other therapies. I can really feel and sense into who I am versus just talk about my problems.”

    As a result of somatic counseling, you will be able to recognize and release physical tension that remains in the body after a stressful, overwhelming, or traumatic event. Additional benefits include an improved ability to be in relationship to others, enhanced focus and performance, and most importantly changes at every level of body, mind, and spirit.